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GO Neighborhoods is a collaborative and inclusive effort focused on maximizing the strength of a community and its residents to create effective partnerships and engage in creative problem solving. 

Our collective vision is that 'we are a united and engaged community with affordable, high-quality housing, a resilient local economy, and resources for every resident to receive a great education. We have the tools to advocate for our own health and the health of our environment. Honoring our culturally rich history, we will move intentionally into our promising future.'

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Making 5th Ward a better place to live, work and play

Fifth Ward CRC works with partner organizations and the business community for comprehensive neighborhood revitalization that includes quality public services and amenities as well as a healthy local economy.
The 5th Ward has historically been home to many diverse and locally owned small businesses. Today, about 1,600 businesses are located in the Greater 5th Ward. A majority are small businesses and they represent a range of industries from small restaurants to large warehouse and transportation businesses.



Today, as an established leader in the community development arena with a proven track record, Fifth Ward CRC and partners are aggressively pursuing activities designed to improve the lives of the residents of 5th Ward. Taking a holistic approach to community development, FWCRC has moved well beyond home building and commercial development. The Lyons Avenue Renaissance is truly an invitation to join a progressive journey to the 5th Ward’s next level, a multi-million dollar development strategy thru 2020. We find great value in the goal to sustain, invite and celebrate the 5th Ward as we approach this rebuilding, charged by honoring community memory while driving forward to include a future that will transform the pejorative view of the district that those in Houston - and well beyond – have held for decades.

It is no secret that 5th Ward has been economically challenged but is also a community with great economic and revitalization potential. The vision for the Lyons Avenue corridor is embodied in numerous physical changes and reinvestments that spread throughout the entire area.

This is a strategic focus on revitalizing Lyons Avenue, 5th Ward’s historic cultural and commercial corridor. Since launching the Renaissance several years ago, the Fifth Ward CRC and partner organizations have built new affordable housing, rehabilitated the historic DeLuxe Theater, developed a new park, installed public art, helped in the development of a new health clinic and high school, and attracted several other investments on Lyons Avenue.

Come celebrate the Renaissance with us at our annual Lyons Avenue Renaissance Festival in the spring!



The 5th Ward’s many assets include its rich 150-year history, a legacy of nationally known musicians and civil rights leaders, historic landmarks, its proximity to downtown Houston and the Buffalo Bayou, and welcoming community members.

To build community pride and attract investment, Fifth Ward CRC promotes the best of the 5th Ward through media outreach and cultural events. In 2016, the community voted to select a neighborhood logo, and the Fifth Ward CRC is developing branded signage and other materials to create a unique sense of place for residents and visitors alike.

Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations to the Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce for their launch!

Fifth Ward CRC is happy to be a sponsor of The Fifth Ward’s Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has now a $25.00 membership. When joining the Chamber of Commerce, you will get the opportunity to network with other business and entrepreneurs. A new opportunity to offer your services and find new customers.

Whether you are a native of the Greater 5th Ward, a current resident, future resident, current business owner, future business owner or simply interested in the 5th Ward Community; we invite you to join the Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce (5WCC). The Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce was established to promote local businesses, encourage new entrepreneurs and business development, and be a key part of the neighborhood’s revitalization.


The 5th Ward Business Community has been a backbone for the neighborhood from when it was 1st settled in the 1860’s. The Fifth Ward is a historical political district (ward) and a community of Houston, Texas, United States, about 2 miles northeast of Downtown. It is bounded by the Buffalo Bayou, Jensen Drive, Liberty Road, and Lockwood Drive.


Visit their website to sign up or join to receive updates, volunteer and be invited to our exciting networking events.



Learn how to design a useful business plan or compete for multiple financing options or market to a changing customer base in order to launch, strengthen or grow your business. Fifth Ward CRC offers these and other workshops throughout the year. The schedule is announced on Facebook or email Zarana at zsanghani@fifthwardcrc.org to learn more.

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5th Ward community members are eager to support local entrepreneurs. Fifth Ward CRC helps area small businesses access this market through The Shops at the DeLuxe, a seasonal retail pop-up event where artists, artisans, and other merchants can set up a temporary shop in the gallery space at the historic DeLuxe Theater.

Call 713-674-0175 for the next opportunity to set up your shop in 5th Ward.

Contact us today and start getting involved.