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Organized in 1989, Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation (FWCRC), a NeighborWorks Charter Affiliate, is a catalytic organization dedicated to the collaborative fostering of holistic community development. As a steward of Houston’s Historic 5th Ward and comprehensive community developer, FWCRC seeks to enhance quality of life for individuals and families, eliminate blight, attract investment and resources, encourage commercial and business development, coordinate government and public service, and offer a sense of destination and creative place-making. The finished product is a healthy and vibrant community for residents and visitors alike.


“Fifth Ward CRC catalyzes resources to build and preserve an inclusive 5th Ward Community by developing places and opportunities to live, work and play”.


Core Purpose

Creating a Community of Choice


Our Vision

5th Ward, a beautiful and better place to live, work, and play


Project Mission

Coordinate a conglomerate of partners and financial resources to help accelerate the redevelopment of  a targeted sector of 5th Ward.  Thus creating and enhancing a sense of place through destination points that dress up the “front door” - Lyons Ave., and in turn create opportunity for economic growth and foster an environment that supports neighbors helping neighbors.


Revitalization Summary


Today, as an established leader in the community development arena with a proven track record, Fifth Ward CRC and PARTNERS are aggressively pursuing activities designed to improve the lives of the residents of 5th Ward. Taking a holistic approach to community development, FWCRC has moved well beyond home building and commercial development. The Lyons Avenue Renaissance is truly an invitation to join a progressive journey to the 5th Ward’s next level, a multi-million dollar development strategy thru 2020. We find great value in the goal to sustain, invite and celebrate the 5th Ward as we approach this rebuilding, charged by honoring community memory while driving forward to include a future that will transform the pejorative view of the district that those in Houston - and well beyond – have held for decades.


It is no secret that 5th Ward has been economically challenged but is also a community with great economic and revitalization potential. The vision for the Lyons Avenue corridor is embodied in numerous physical changes and reinvestments that spread throughout the entire area.


Corridor Definition

The Lyons Avenue Corridor consists of the portion of the Fifth Ward bounded on the south by the I-10 Interstate highway, and extensive and heavily used rail yards and rail lines along its northern edge. The eastern boundary included land along


Lockwood Drive, and was extended to consider the blocks and streets that continue up to the edge of a north/south at- grade rail corridor that is the effective boundary with the adjacent Denver Harbor neighborhood. The western edge of the corridor area is extended to include Jensen Drive, just west of Hwy 59.


As we continue this transformative work, we have established goals and identified projects that are readily implementable, re-establishes a thriving corridor and creates economic impact. More specifically we are the overall goal for this corridor transformation has been to envision a path that will lead to revitalization of the entire neighborhood - creating a healthy, economically sustainable and balanced neighborhood that adds value, population, and business opportunities - while strengthening the existing community fabric and identity. Innovative methods are needed for the physical redesign of a re-emergent neighborhood in terms of its urban design, neighborhood landscape, physical and social infrastructure. The neighborhood needs to attain a successful and appropriate new image, replacing the negative branding that has been dominant. Importantly, effective methods for managing land use, development

and design need to be created in the complete absence of traditional zoning and other well-understood tools to shape change in other communities.