Our Leadership and Staff
Kathy Flanagan-Payton | President & CEO
President & CEO
Call: (713) 674-0175
Email: [email protected]
Kathy Flanagan-Payton | President & CEO
A Houston native, Kathy Flanagan-Payton is currently President and CEO for the award winning Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation (FWCRC) where she oversees the implementation of the Comprehensive Community Revitalization of Houston’s Historic 5th Ward. Kathy incorporates the vision of a diverse 15-member board of directors, the needs of both pioneering and new residents, community stakeholders, and acts as catalyst in fostering the collaborative efforts of an array of community service providers with a primary goal of improving the quality of life in a traditionally underserved community. All of which are achieved thru the organization’s major lines of business -Real Estate Development which includes residential and commercial rehabilitation and new construction, property and asset management; Community Building and Engagement to build community leadership address gaps in services and develop a social infrastructure; Economic Development offering tools and strategies that support comprehensive revitalization and stabilization of neighborhoods to and for residents and businesses alike. Home Ownership Promotion and Housing Preservation availing services that increase the opportunities for affordable housing; And lastly, Arts and Culture, a balanced strategy that uses place and art to sustain the culture, invite new opportunities and celebrate the rich heritage.
John Peavy
(713) 674-0175 ext. 251
[email protected]
Erin Jones-Flake
Office Manager
(713) 674-0175 ext. 249
[email protected]
DaVaunte Cormier
Staff Accountant
(713) 674-0175 ext. 250
[email protected]
Khalin Miller
Marketing Administrative Assistant
(713) 674-0175 ext. 261
[email protected]
Real Estate
Mayra Bontemps
Chief Real Estate Development Officer
(713) 674-0175 ext. 253
[email protected]
Mylles Hallado
Real Estate Associate
(713) 674-0175 ext. 259
[email protected]
Cathy Torregano
Project Manager
(713) 674-0175 ext. 252
[email protected]
Harvey Clemons III
Project Coordinator
(713) 224-0052
[email protected]
LaShawn McCoy
Chief Strategy & Program Officer
(713) 674-0175 ext. 254
[email protected]
Denise Morales
Community Building and Engagement Manager/GO Coordinator
(713) 674-0175 ext. 260
[email protected]
Frankie Hamilton
Intake Specialist
(713) 674-0175 ext. 257
[email protected]
Mary Guerra
Housing Counselor
(713) 674-0175 ext. 256
[email protected]
Monika Galikova
Housing Counselor
(713) 674-0175 ext. 255
[email protected]
Arts & Culture
Harrison Guy
Director of Arts & Culture
(281) 968-0059
[email protected]
Charli Worrell
Venue & Events Manager
(281) 968-0059
[email protected]
Edgar Guajardo
Production Manager
(281) 968-0059
[email protected]
About Fifth Ward CRC
Fifth Ward CRC provides comprehensive community revitalization to Houston’s historic 5th Ward to meet the needs of both long standing and new residents as well as community stakeholders. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for all residents in our traditionally underserved community.
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