Homeownership Promotion and Preservation
"Transform home buying in 5th Ward with the necessary tools to succeed. FWCRC offers multiple unique courses designed to meet your needs and guide your action plan."
All homeownership promotion and preservation counseling and educational courses offered through Fifth Ward CRC are available to you in both English and Spanish.
Homebuyer Education

Fifth Ward CRC offers a HUD-approved homebuyer education course and a consultation with a HUD-certified housing counselor to help you navigate the home buying process.

Get expert tips through our education and counseling course for services on money management, credit, obtaining a mortgage loan, shopping for a home, and protecting your investment. Our homebuyer program exists to make sure homebuyers have all the tools, resources and knowledge needed to become mortgage ready.

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Housing Counseling

Fifth Ward CRC is committed to ensuring your home continues to be a source of pride for you and your family.

We offer services for homeowners to ensure long-term sustainability and affordability. Our HUD-Certified Housing Counselors can assist with home maintenance plans, understanding homeowner’s insurance policies and guarantees, filing homestead exemptions, understanding property taxes and identifying refinancing options.

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"I was absolutely excited about this class. I learned so much and I am less afraid of the homebuying process."
Bridgett D.
Financial Counseling

Trying to plan for a major purchase, like a new home or car? Want to improve your credit score or manage big debts, like student loans? Get professional advice from a HUD-certified counselor on how to improve your financial capacities. Our financial capabilities services focus on understanding and improving credit, developing budgets, increasing savings and retirement.

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Foreclosure and Default Counseling

Facing a financial hardship? Work with our HUD-Certified Housing Counselors to navigate your options. We understand what a lender will ask and can help you better prepare for a successful outcome.

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